Frequently asked questions

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional childcare service, read through our FAQ for a better understanding of what is on offer for you and your family.

What is a Nanny? What are their duties?

A professional nanny is a childcare professional who specialises in looking after children in your own home/ hotel room. Professional nannies will create a safe, stimulating and happy environment for the children. All of our nannies will have had experience in professional childcare and nannying before.

Professional nanny’s duties are designated to childcare duties only. This includes preparing meals for the children, washing the children’s laundry, shopping for them, tidying the children’s rooms, performing nursery/school runs, supervising homework, organising play dates and any other childcare duties there may be. The main focus is on nursery duties for the children as the nanny is not involved in any other household tasks.

What are the Nannies to Children ratios?

To comply with EYFS, the number of Nannies to Children is as follows:
Under 2 years old 1 : 2
2 years old 1 : 4
3 years plus 1 : 4

What is Nanny Share?

A nanny share is when a nanny shares care with two or more families at the same time. The families share the cost of the nanny’s wage, as well as the nanny’s time spent providing care. This option is best for families looking for flexibility with a more one-on-one approach, but may not wish to pay to hire a nanny exclusively. Another great benefit of a nanny share: built-in playmates for your children! Rates are $55 an hour

Daycare is cheaper, why should I choose a Nanny?

While daycare is often a cheaper option, it is not always the best option. It is important to evaluate the needs of your family and children to decide the best choice. Nannies provide 1:1 personal care you cannot find in daycare. They are tuned in to your family’s specific needs are and exceed your expectations with every assignment. Nannies also often provide light housekeeping, provide transportation, and ensure your child is receiving care tailored to their needs. Nanny schedules are more flexible than daycare hours.

What checks do you do on nannies?

Only candidates who have a minimum of 2 years of childcare experience and over the age of 21 years are allowed to register with our agency. We conduct a thorough interview with all nannies. We verify all childcare references and employment history. All nannies must be CPR and First Aid certified and require a Working with Children Blue card.

How do you entertain my child in the hotel?

We encourage time away from the TV and ipad, by introducing fun activities to spark your child’s imagination and creativity to promote their development no matter what their age is. We love to play games such as hide and seek, peek-a-boo, scavenger hunts, drawing and coloring in and read bedtime stories.

We will bring a Nanny kit complete with new games to play, books to read and arts and craft to create. Wherever you are with your children, we will make it a fun environment regardless of the limited space around us.

Is there a booking fee? How many hours will my Nanny do?

Yes, there is $50 per day/ per Nanny non-refundable booking fee, this is paid upfront to secure your booking. There is a minimum of 4 hours of childcare provided. Your Nanny is exclusively reserved for your family and your child/ ren for the time that you need.

When can I speak to candidates?

Prior to starting any Nanny assignment, your Nanny will personally call you directly to introduce herself, answer any questions that you may have and reconfirm all of your details.
If you would like to meet with your Nanny beforehand, we can arrange this also .

If you are new to the area of which you are visiting, we can also offer ideas of what to do, things to explore, places to eat and where to entertain your children on a family day out. We are here to assist you, to make your time easier!

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