Nanny Share

Pool your resources together with your friends, families or colleagues and engage a single nanny to care for all the children. We limit this service to 1 nanny to 5 children of varied ages. This flagship service provides attentive care to your child/ren and helps them to spend time interacting with friends in a small but conducive environment. Your assigned nanny will provide the children with entertaining activities that make them feel at home regardless of their location, ensure their comfort and safety at all times.

Sharing is caring:

  • One nanny will work for each family at different times e.g. the nanny works part-time at each house, or


  • Care for both sets of children at the same time e.g. the nanny is shared full-time in one family’s house. 


  • Share the cost of the nanny amongst your friends and work colleagues

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the combination of a traditional nanny care and day care service. Perfect for date nights, special events or juggling different work commitments. The cost of the nanny is shared amongst the families equally on an hourly rate.

The cost is $55 an hour with a minimum of 4 hours of childcare provided. Grab your friends, have all the children together and let your Nanny do the rest – you could bring the cost per hour down to a mere $18.30 an hour between 3 friends with children. Sharing is caring!

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A nonrefundable fee of $50 per Nanny/ per assignment is paid at the time of your booking. All credit card payments incur a 2.9% surcharge as per PayPal business guidelines. Please see the product terms and conditions.